More than eighty percent of the apartments in the new building includes a living area with kitchenette of 18/20 sqm. It is often difficult to furnish a balanced environment that giving the right space at the table and the couch when the walls are often already occupied by the front door, windows, doors and kitchen. LAYOUT isolagiorno ™ is the perfect solution. Standing at the center of the space solves everything with style and balance.
Enter the Layout Isolagiorno™ world.
The catalog illustrates our vision of contemporary living through the photographic journey and the narrative of our ideas.
Some examples photographed for you
Photo Gallery of Layout Isolagiorno™ compositions where it is better described the mood for some color combinations of materials and fabrics.
Choose you everything
Create your own ISOLAGIORNO™ choosing how to combine the models of table and sofa, their size, and their finishes.

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